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The Resources and Capabilities to Meet the Cabinet Needs of Commercial Customers.

Providing custom built wood and laminate cabinets or case goods, we meet industry specific requirements and certifications. We have designed and installed hundreds of cabinet projects across many industries: Healthcare/Medical, Mixed Use Commercial, Office and Education and Multi-Residential.

We know what you need and are a one stop resource for seamless delivery of a package that will work for you, inclusive of cabinets, counters and custom case goods. General Cabinets has the production and staff capacity to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

Healthcare Offices & Facilities


Physician & Dental Offices, Longterm Care Residences, Hospitals & Urgent Care

We understand and can build to the workflow and special needs associated with the Medical Field and Healthcare. Workflow and the comfort of your patients, your clinicians and your staff is critical for successful outcomes.

Mixed Use Commercial Spaces

Retail, Restaurants, Fast Food, Hotels

The image and experience you create for your customers is critical to their loyalty. It is an extension of your brand and is as important or many times more so, than the food or merchandise you are selling. It is what draws them in, makes them comfortable and makes them spend more time with you.

We meet the needs of both "Front-of-the-house" consumer facing spaces, as well as "back-of-the-house" staff needs and facilities for running the operations of your business. From back office, to commercial kitchens, to storage, to fulfillment - e design and build customized to you and your needs.

Commercial Office Space

Reception Areas, Office and Work Space, Conference & Meeting Rooms

The experience you create for both your employees and your customers is critical. They are your most valuable assets. Are they comfortable and engaged?

The impression you make on your customers from the minute they enter your company facilities sets the tone for your success. How do they feel in the reception area? Are your conference and meeting facilities warm, welcoming and dynamic? Do they reflect your company's image? We deliver designs that reflect your company's brand.


Classrooms, Auditoriums, Research & Lab Facilities, Dorms, Cafeterias

The future lies with our education system. To facilitate the best learning experience students can have, you must have an environment that enables them and meets the needs of both educators and students.